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Shanghai Realbio Technology (RBT) Co., Ltd., was established in 2014, focusing on the application of cutting-edge technologies and research results in the field of human microbiome in medicine, especially in the field of precision medicine such as early screening and early diagnosis of tumors, and microbial diagnosis of pathogens. Realbio Technology is headquartered in Shanghai. It has more than 2,000 square meters of standard GMP factories in Pujiang Hi-Tech Park, Minhang District, Shanghai. In addition, it has a research and development center in Hangzhou and a fully-funded third-party medical laboratory in Qingdao.

The company won the honorary titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top Ten Technology Start-ups in Minhang, Shanghai", and "Shanghai's 50 Best Ventures with the Most Investment Potential". The company has reached in-depth cooperation with more than 300 scientific research units and hospitals nationwide. Up to now, the company has successfully obtained four rounds of investment from well-known investment companies such as Lucion Venture Capital, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, Marathon Venture Partners, Songhe Capital, etc. The cumulative financing amount has exceeded 200 million yuan.

Product Service

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